Òla’s Picks of the Month

As the Founder of the brand about sex that isn’t always sexy… Òla spends a lot of time engrossed in all things sexual health and wellness. Never one to lead their loyal subjects astray (we’ve been on an historical romance kick @ HQ)- Òla will be cultivating a list of suggested reading, viewing and sex toys worth purchasing. This list will be updated monthly for your viewing pleasure. *Some of these items do contain affiliate links, meaning òla gets a little commission off of your purchase.

If you enjoyed Sex/Life, but wanted something a little more nuanced when engaging with romance, married life and the monotony of aging… Valeria is the show.

Òla’s Book Rec

A brilliant examination into the relationship lonely young girls have with companionship… and the consequences of being given attention by the wrong people.

The Shaking Sheets Pod!

If you enjoy consuming the content we deliver, then you’ll love the podcast. Òla does deep dives about pop culture, its influence on our relationship with sex, and supplies you with antecdotes usually reserved for friends.


A wearable ring that allows for penetrative sex at customizable depths! For my friends who don’t need the full package but are always ready for a good time. 😏

Òla’s favorite CBD oil based lube!

This lube is luxurious. Silky to the touch and heats up perfectly against the skin. It takes close to 30 minutes to fully absorb and work its magical property which means slowing down and enjoying sensations for longer than normal. Perfect for solo fun or explorational play with partners! 🥵